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[020]: Moving! 
11.08.09 ★ 01:29 am
Hey guys. :) I`m moving to a new journal. :D It`s
nrstar nrstar nrstar
Why? `Cause I thought that nr_icons is a pretty lame username. :)) HAHA. And that I wanted my own personal journal. :) I also felt that it would be more organized that way. XD
Actually, I`ve been thinking about this for a long time now, but only got to decide to make a new one days ago. I already moved all of my entries to nrstar except for the graphics. :)
I`ve made a lot of friends here, and I don`t want to lose you guys, so feel free to add my new journal. :D

OH! And two more things... Don`t get shocked if I delete some of my posts with the graphics because I am going to repost them at my new community,
starryskiiies starryskiiies starryskiiies
It will contain graphics [like I said], blogcrews, and maybe memes too.
Hopefully, I`ll be able to post again soon after I repost everything from this graphics journal.

XD Don`t forget to join and watch the community. More information about starryskiiies will be found there. :)
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